Cecchi winery

The historical development of Italian wine

It all began in 1893, when Luigi Cecchi became a professional wine taster and understood the potential of Italian wine making.

It was Cecchi who first went down a road that might today be defined as a perfect blend of innovation and tradition. It is the experience that assists in knowing how to predict the future, a sort of legacy passed along from father to son, which is one of the Cecchi family’s secrets of success.

Every step forward that the winery has decided to take on throughout its history was preceded by attentive and in-depth experimentation; it is this - along with respect for tradition - that has always guided the family in their everyday choices.

Cecchi is a winery of the Family Cecchi Group

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One of the most beautiful areas in the entire world.

A unique environment where the Cecchi Family works fully respecting the natural cycles of the seasons.

Respect for the ecosystem has accompanied the growth of the winery, so today, minimal environmental impact is a prerogative that the family has decided to follow in order to protect the future of the surrounding habitat.

Castellina in Chianti, the production and management center, has been the object of continuous conservative investments that have enabled the winery to operate with respect for people, landscape and environment.


Località Casina dei Ponti, 56
53011 Castellina in Chianti
Siena - Italy

+39 0577 54311
+39 0577 543150

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